What is UglyBagz

Ugly is a word that was created to be the opposite of beautiful, a word based on a person’s perception or what is deemed beauty in the eyes of society. Have you ever noticed? That when what was deemed ugly is noble, when ugly is brave, when ugly is creative or a singer songwriter, close, good friend, fantastic lover or something amazing that you find undefinable and different, then based on perception and the premise of what we see and what we call society, ugly changes to be beautiful.  Realize, Ugly is unique, we are 1000 definitions, a million emotions, a billion styles and colors, we are outside the box, we are what changes the world and drives it forward, we are that round peg in that square hole, that movement that never stops, the crazy ones, the different, we are the ugly, be ugly with us and be proud of it.

 This product was created by the ugly, a new science, method and item never seen or done before, creating one piece for one person using their 1000 definitions, their million emotions, their billion styles and colors and the essence of their individuality.

It will be taken forward by us, all of us, based on the belief that nothing is impossible, it will then be rediscovered and founded so that we could strive to be individuals, not bound by someone else’s perception, never part of the crowd, to be unique, to have an extension of our style, our minds, our hopes and dreams, our uniqueness, not only in who we are, but in the life that surrounds us, the vision that propels us forward and the product and personality that defines who we are and are meant to be.

As human beings we were born to be unique, be free, be undefinable, Beautiful in any and all circumstances, but most of all, ourselves.  This product was founded and will continue to be reborn and re founded, every time an idea and personality is created, a part of our spirit and soul is shown to the world.

 U, always unique, always different, always special, always U.